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How We Work

How we work

When it comes to choosing someone to help you make the right financial decisions and manage your wealth, we know that you will be looking for a distinct mix of skills, and a high level of understanding of complex areas of finance.

Having an initial consultation with us will give you valuable insight into the way we could work with you, and provide an opportunity to learn more about our areas of expertise and discover how our services could meet your needs.

So, we are happy to offer an initial meeting at our expense, as it gives you the chance to find out more, ask searching questions, and generally put us to the test.

Defining your goals and aspirations

You’ll find that we’ll ask you lots of pertinent questions about your goals, your attitude to money and what you want your wealth to achieve for you in the future. We’ll gather important information about your mortgage, savings, investments, liabilities and tax position, and we’ll probe your attitude to risk too.

We’ll take a good look at all aspects of your financial position and ensure any recommendations we make sit comfortably alongside other arrangements you may already have in place. If we see weaknesses in existing financial plans, we’ll point these out and suggest ways of bridging any gaps.

This vital information will help us to build an accurate and detailed profile that will assist us in developing a strategy that meets your needs. We’ll also talk you through how we charge for the services we provide, and it goes without saying that we won’t start work without your agreement.

Your personal route map for the future

We don’t just advise on policies and plans in isolation. You’ll find the plan we develop for you will be wide-ranging, detailed and comprehensive. And of course, we’ll explain our thinking and the recommendations we’re making in a straight-forward, jargon-free way. We’ll also provide details of the costs involved in its implementation, and if you’re happy, we’ll get your agreement to putting your plan into action. Once it’s implemented, we’ll provide you with all the relevant policies and documentation for your records.

Keeping your plans on track

And we don’t leave it at that. We keep in touch with our clients as we know that with the passage of time their circumstances may change. Staging regular review meetings gives them the reassurance that they always have the appropriate plans in place to face their future with confidence.

Want to know more?

Call us for a friendly chat on 01753 968359 or email: admin@wardourinvestments.com